Yesterday, Microsoft launched the new Bing on the web and in its Edge browser, powered by a combination of a next-gen OpenAI GPT model and Microsoft’s own Prometheus model

We’ve now had a chance to try the new Bing and as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in his press conference, “It’s a new day for search

With this, Microsoft jumped ahead of Google in bringing this kind of search experience to the mainstream,

though we’ll likely see the competition heat up in the next few months  

As of now, Microsoft is gating access to the new Bing and its AI features behind a waitlist. You can sign up for it here

Microsoft says it will open up the next experience to millions of users in the coming weeks

I’ve also been using it in the new developer version of Edge on both Mac and Windows

The first thing you’ll notice as you get started is that Bing now features a slightly larger query prompt